Clearly confirmed! “Insects in the ear” how to give first aid?

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Clearly confirmed! “Insects in the ear” how to give first aid?

Evil insects in our house In addition to annoying us. From time to time, they even sneak into our ears while we rest. And don’t want to come out easily too if the insect really gets into the ear We will have a way to properly remove the insect from the ear. How does it harm the inside of our ears? ufabet brings you the right way.

“Insects in the ear” how to give first aid?

1. Of course, don’t use cotton swabs, sticks, or any object to pick up bugs in the ear. This may push the insect deeper into the ear. or cause damage to the eardrum and middle ear

2. If you’re not sure what’s going on in your ear Try tilting that ear downward and gently rocking that side of your head down. in case it’s a foreign body that doesn’t have life in your ears will be able to come out

3. If you’re really sure it’s an insect, tilt that ear up. Drop baby oil Place ointment (baby oil), vegetable oil, olive oil, or ear drops (choose one) into the ear canal, pulling the ear back. to keep the ear in a straight line and insects may climb out of the ear holes Or dead and floating up to the mouth of the ear hole

4. But if there are other symptoms such as eardrum pain, earache, tinnitus, blood or fluid flowing from the ear canal or other abnormal symptoms Don’t just use anything in your ears. Go see a doctor immediately.

how to avoid Don’t let insects get into your ears.

1. Take care of cleaning the bed area. and inside the house well Don’t make it a breeding ground for animals.

2. Do not clean the ear canal with a cotton swab. or a cotton swab to wipe inside the ear You should only regularly wipe the earwax that flows outside. Because earwax is a natural mechanism that comes with the smell that insects do not like. And the stickiness of the earwax helps prevent insects from getting inside the ear.