12 days of waiting! Colombia confirms Father Diaz is free

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The Colombian Football Federation has confirmed that Luis Manuel Diaz, father of Liverpool superstar Luis Diaz, has been released. After being kidnapped for 12 days,

Colombian star Had to face the worst time in my life. When the father and mother were kidnapped at the end of last month. His mother was released soon after. While Father was not free The army had to search for him.

Then the Colombian government Came out to confirm that The person who kidnapped Diaz’s father was rebels of the Colombian National Liberation Army, or ELN, and has been coordinating negotiations for their release.

Most recently, the Colombian Football Federation Has come out to confirm that Diaz’s father has been freed. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

“The Tolombia Football Federation thanks the National Government, Armed Forces and National Police. including all institutions and officials who assisted in the release of Luis Manuel Diaz, father of our player Luis Diaz,” the federation said in a statement on Thursday.

Colombian media reported that the mission was to rescue Diaz’s father. It started on Thursday morning. Once a helicopter flew from Valledupar to the ELN meeting place to make the handover.

Radar showed the helicopter circling near the Venezuelan border. in the Perija Mountains It is expected that the delivery will take place there.

A photo of Diaz’s father, flanked by officials, was later revealed to confirm that. The rescue was accomplished

before Diaz’s father was taken back by helicopter. and his family would gather to welcome him at Valledupar.